Lucky Days

Lucky Days 2.3

Create astrological charts for gambling purposes

Generate reports listing the lucky days for specific types of gambling according to your astrological sign, date of birth, gamble type, and some additional parameters. View major periods based on moon progression, planetary locations, solar arcs, etc. View full transit data.

If you take gambling seriously, and you are an astrology believer, you may give this software a try. The developer noticed that many wins occurred under certain "shapes" in a person's planetary transits impinging their natal planet positions.
This software identifies lucky periods in your life based on a certain repeating shape in your daily planetary transits. According to some studies, astrology has revealed beak shapes present in your planetary transits on winning days based on your birthday.
A transit is an aspect a daily-moving planet makes to one in your birth chart. This software identifies shapes made in your daily planetary transits. All of the planets have influence in your life.
I tried with the online demonstration, honestly, it's hard to believe that this software helps you in any way. It can be used for the Lottery, Casino, Horse-Racing, Sports Betting and the Stock Markets, but be careful, it's just predictions. Seriously, I prefer to believe in statistics if I will make a stake, but it's my opinion. The program was successfully tested on a TV show in 2002, you can try online and see for yourself, good luck!

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  • Successfully tested


  • It's hard to believe
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